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How a Septic System Works (a basic system)

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Wastewater flows from the
house into the septic tank.
Solids sink to the bottom
of the first chamber of the
septic tank and grease and
fats float to the top. Bacteria
inside the tank digests the
organic material. The tank
design allows only the liquid
effluent in the middle of the
tank to flow out.

From the septic tank, the
wastewater flows into the
multiple trenches making up
the drainfield, where the secondary treatment occurs. Bacteria found in the drainfield further digests and purifies the wastewater. It then slowly leaches into the ground. The carefully calculated depth between the bottom of the trenches and the groundwater prevents any remaining harmful substances from reaching the groundwater. The soil between the two acts as a biological filter to further clarify the water.

If the depth and positioning of the septic system on the property requires it, a sewage pump may be placed between the septic tank and the drainfield. In this case, the effluent flows from the septic tank in to a dosing tank. From the dosing tank, the pump forces the wastewater [up] to the drainfield.