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Septic Tips for a Safer Septic System

(from the Homebuyer's Guide to Septic Systems)
(distributed by the Bureau of Onsite Sewage Programs)
Never flush paper towels, newspapers, wrapping paper, rags, or sticks into the system.

Never allow large, irregular, intermittent, or constant volumes of clear water into the system, as with a leaking toilet or faucet.

Never over-use ordinary household cleaning chemicals that will be flushed into the system.

Never pour out or empty hobby or home industry chemicals into the system.

Never allow grease or other bulky waste to enter the system.

Never flush toxic materials such as pesticides into the system.

Never plant trees or other shrubbery in the drainfield

Never allow vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.) to drive across or park on the drainfield. (Protect it from being crushed.)

Never waste water.

Never use chemical solvents to clean plumbing lines or a septic tank system.
The suggested pumping frequency is 3-5 years. Visual inspection of the tank must be made when the tank is empty to detect cracks, leaks, or other defects.

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